Taryn is amazing. She is so spiritual and connected to God in such an inspiring way.

My life and inner-self has shifted so much and in so many ways with her. I have become more mindful, I learnt how to love myself and connect with my higher self, to have a balanced life, to even manage my work and my schedule, to do things I love, to live life to the fullest with an open heart, to be more peaceful and accepting of what happens.

One morning I had a burning pain in my leg that I texted Taryn about. Later that evening, she asked me to stand up, whilst she did Divinity healing on me from South Africa, and a minute later the pain was all gone!! I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it myself, it was like magic.

I trust Taryn completely, she’s been awesome to work with. She’s so true at everything she does. I’ve seen her add her magical touch to friends of mines she’s mentoring too. I saw my friends take back control of their lives, and be happy and centered after their experience with Taryn.

I highly recommend Taryn as a mentor, spiritual healer and a 24/7 life coach. She holds your hand and walks you through your own life. She’s always there and super supportive.

Mai El-Badawy (Kids Life Coach in Egypt; currently on day 60 of SHE FLOURISHES)