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T ranceforms


Divine Intuitive workshops

for spiritual, heart-centred entrepreneurs

Experience the The Divinity System

Unleash the super powers of your wild care-free woman.  

She's in there!

Ready to take control like never before!


 In South Africa Durban, Cape Town & Jo'burg.


Do you find yourself at cross roads or going through a major life transition?


Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level, but feel something is holding you back?


I know how you feel, I've been there!

You've no doubt prayed like I did, for your...

  • Mind to be more present and peaceful, & to let go of it's self-doubt, fear or anxiety?
  • Heart to become more trusting to take the steps you need to.
  • Higher-Self to give you the direction and answers you seek?
  • Body to release it's grip of pain, panic or dis-ease?
  • Life to flow with more abundance, ease and grace?

If so, then you are in the right place!

Welcome to the Divinity System


  • cultivated and developed out of necessity to survive and overcome episodes of shock, loss and trauma in my life
  • used to reinvent my life, my business and myself, after every area of my ife fell apart

I DID SO ...

  • without having a nervous breakdown, or going on any form of anti-depressants or medication.
  • in tandem, empowering a tribe of women to the same place of peace and awakening.

Yes, it is possible!

Whether you are going through a crises, feeling lost and wanting to find yourself again, or whether you seek to up-level your inner resources and amp up those divine super powers, I CAN HELP!


This sacred god-given gift I believe was entrusted to me, to help empower millions of fellow heart-centered influencers, creatives and leaders like you around the world, to RISE UP and make a greater impact in the world!



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Embrace the freedom steps that I walked.

Out of fear - access inner courage.

Out of loneliness - access inner connectedness.

Out of feeling lost - access inner belonging.

Out of insecurity  - access inner stability.

Out of grief - access inner peace.

Out of doubt  - access inner trust.

Out of distress - access inner hope.

It's time to come 'home'. 

Testimonials | She Tranceforms

I am amazed at your energy! Wow. I'm baffled at the level of love and light you spread and access!

This is an outstanding meditation and divine experience that each and every soul yearns to experience.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this evening.  I needed this more than you know.


Thank you for a wonderful experience in helping us to connect with body, mind and soul. I will recommend you to others.


Amazing shift and connection. It was out of this world.

I did not expect anything, yet I felt powerful 'feelings' flowing through me like never before. 


I feel deeply relaxed and very centered.  This experience really resonates with me.  

It brings an awareness, renewal and reconnection to the spirit and the divine. 


MEET Taryn Edge


Taryn has 17 years experience running her own very successful consciousness-based business in the personal growth, self-development, and health, healing and well-being industry.

Taryn is a highly sought after Intuitive and Transformative Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Empowerment Speaker, Teacher, Energy Healer, Divinity healer, Certified BodyTalk Instructor (CBI) and Practitioner (CBP).

Since 2003 Taryn has developed a sturdy reputation as one of the country’s top healers and healing teachers, helping thousands of clients in South Africa reach miraculous states of improved mental, physical and emotional health and wellness in her clinic.  She now spreads her magic globally through on-line coaching, various empowerment programs and retreats.

For over a decade, Taryn has trained, mentored, examined and globally certified men and women with the BodyTalk energy medicine techniques, skills and mindset to successfully launch their own solo businesses in the healing field.

From June 2016 through to June 2017, Taryn faced major personal and professional cross-roads and life transitionary circumstances and decisions.


In October 2016 she launched her She Awakens membership program and has been empowering a special growing tribe of spiritual women since then. In November 2016, Taryn chose the road less traveled, and has been a permanent traveler since; exploring and enjoying the free-spirited solo "gypsy" lifestyle, after 25 years of three long term, serious and committed relationships.

She put a few personal belongings into storage, and sold the household furniture, appliances, dream house and busy healing clinic base of 15 years.  She organically transitioned her clinic base to a virtual base of on-line coaching, healing and mentoring.  She added a variety of empowerment programs and memberships that are now available, and are still being developed.

Gripped by wanderlust since November 2016, Taryn is now a free-spirited wild woman from Africa who follows the whispers of her spirit.  She loves traveling solo throughout South Africa with no home or work base. She has lived with belongings that fitted into her car since November 2016, exploring and living in beautiful country and seaside self catering cottages.

In 2018 Taryn continued her solo free-spirited travels abroad, and lived in Bali, Thailand and Malaysia for 60 days.  She arrived with no pre-booked accommodation, itineraries, research or contacts.  She traveled by plane, ferry, bus, taxi, van, scooter, 4x4 and speedboat. She must have lived in about 51 different bungalows, hotels and cottages.  She lived in a Buddhist monastery for 5 days, and visited many ancient, holy sites and temples, whilst continuing to record powerful Divinity frequency activations, reconnections and hearings for her She Awakens - Cosmic Goddess members.



Upon completion of Taryn's 18 month "phoenix rising," deep and personal spiritual journey of detachment and awakening, she returned to South Africa to greet her beautiful grandson Damian into the world.   What she soon came to realize, was that she had walked her very own sincere, true path to personal FREEDOM.

"It was as though both my grandson and I were born anew.  I am ready to empower other heart-centered spiritual business women to walk their own inner divine journeys; to their truth,  freedom, gifts, and soul's calling."

Alongside Taryn's passion for her She Flourishes virtual coachingmentoring, healing and empowerment programs, lies her passion in facilitating soulful and transformative retreats, healing meditation classes, courses and workshops from whichever exotic or breathtaking places she finds herself in the world.   See her She Tranceforms workshops and She Renews retreats.

Taryn is a deeply intuitive healer whose compassion and dedication is rare in this age of indifference

Donna Vance, Certified Body Talk Practicioner


Taryn's lust, passion and enthusiasm for leading a purposeful life is so contagious that your life will forever be changed!

Bev Jensen



Taryn has a remarkable gift.  During my first telephone call with Taryn, I could feel a shift happening.  

I now belong to her ‘She Awakens’ member program, and my awareness, awakenings and important shifts haven't stopped.

I feel like my authentic self, more alive and definitely less fearful.  

Taryn has a frequency in her voice that is very powerful.

Taryn is blessed with an amazing purpose.

I highly recommend getting in touch with her, if you want to free your spirit, free yourself of limiting patterns and beliefs, and enhance your spiritual journey.

Tanya Robertson

SHE AWAKENS Membership

Taryn is an amazing coach, mentor and healer. She's so connected to God in such an inspiring way.  

My life and inner-self has shifted so much with her.

She cleared a burning leg pain with her Divinity healing (from afar), it was like magic.  

I trust Taryn completely. She holds your hand and walks you through your own life. She's always there and is super supportive.

Mai AlBadawy